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Preschool Chefs Takeover Guido's Sault Ste. Marie Location

Sep 17, 2011

St. Mary Preschool in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan knows that naturally curious and active children learn best through experiences. Preschool students recently toured Guido’s Premium Pizza to learn about the business as well as age appropriate restaurant etiquette.
“It was such fun to have the kids here,” said Guido’s owner Carrie Raynard. “They started by coloring chef hats and loved making their own pizzas.” Field trips, in general, help young children learn about themselves and their communities through hands-on discovery but getting to eat pizza was a bonus. “We could definitely tell who is wired to own a Guido’s,” said Raynard. “Most of the kids made plain cheese pizzas. One boy made cheese, ham, pineapple and pepperoni. That one we’ll keep an eye on!”